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This page list annual activities/meetings organised by the association in the UK.

Dates for Meetings and important events (2006)

Month Date Time (pm) Issues
January    2.30 pm General Meeting.
February    2.30 pm General Meeting - Initial plans for thanksgiving.
March    2.30 pm General Meeting - Literary Debate (Venue to be confirmed).
April    2.30 pm General Meeting - Thanksgiving.
May    3.00 pm Thanksgiving - 28th May 2006
June    2.30 pm General Meeting.
July   2.30 pm General Meeting - Feedback from thanksgiving.
August   2.30 pm Break/Social.
September   2.30 pm General Meeting - Plans for 'Dance'.
October   2.30 pm General Meeting - Plans for 'Dance'.
November   2.30 pm General Meeting.
December   2.30 pm General Meeting.


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