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The West African Methodist (W.A.M) Collegiate School was founded on the 11th February, 1911 by Sierra Leoneans and other Africans. The primary goal was to educate West African boys to take over the administration and management of Church and State throughout West Africa from colonial administrators.

The school was modelled on the English Grammar school system. The wearing of a jacket was part of the every day school uniform notwithstanding the tropical climatic conditions. There was emphasis on discipline and core subjects include the classics of Latin, Greek and English Literature, English History and Religious Education based on the Bible.


1911-1915: Rev. C.A.E Macauley; M.B.E, M.A. (Oxon)
1916-1917: Prof. O. Faduma; B.D., PhD (Yale)
1917-1923: Rev. J. Brown-Nicols (Acting)
1923-1927: Rev. J.M. Aspansa Johnson; M.A., Dip.Th. (Dunelm), A.C.P
1948-1965: Mr. J.A. Garber; M.A. (Dunelm), L.C.P. (London)
1966-1971: Mr. V.J. Hastings-Spaine; B.A., Dip.Ed (Dunelm), Dip Ed. Admin. (Reading)
1971-1978: Mr. L.B. Rogers Wright; B.A. (Dunelm), Dip.Ed. (USL), M.Ed. (Bristol)
1975-1977: Mr. S.B. Moiba; B.A., Dip.Ed. (Dunelm), I.C.E. (Oxon), Acting
1978-1980: Mr. B.A. King; B.A., Dip.Ed. (Dunelm)
1980-1998: Rev. Z.S. Smith; B.A., Dip.Ed
1998-1999: Mr. S.E. Beury; B.A., Dip.Ed. (Acting)
1999-Present: Mr. Nathaniel Davies; B.A., Dip.Ed